Aloha Akamai

Aloha –
Welcome, greetings, farewell, goodbye, love, mercy, … (Hawaiian)

Akamai –
Smart, clever, expert, skill, witt, … (Hawaiian)

I started a new job with Akamai Technologies. They have a small San Diego office and from what I can tell, it’s a very bright and motivated team with technical aptitude to match their creativity. A positive group with complex challenges that I’m excited to dive in to!

Buddhism has a concept of “right thought”, of freeing your mind of lust, ill-will, and cruelty. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. We surround ourselves with people that often reflect our own dispositions of thought. The environment we find ourselves in, for better or worse, is of our own doing. In many ways, this phase of my career represents a welcome “right thought” and I realize that “right work” is a necessary path to that state of mind.

And to my friends and family who have never heard of Akamai; you use their services all of the time without even knowing it. Primarily known for their content delivery network, which is a grid of compute and data resources covering multiple Internet backbones optimized to deliver content, to you, the end user. In other words, when you’re watching some cool video on myspace or previewing film trailers on, the content you’re watching is being managed by Akamai.