Give Away : Last Call

I’ve given away most of my belongings, although strangely I am still surrounded by furniture, books, and other trappings. In the search of what really matters in life I’m thinking that the more we hold onto our possessions the more we resist moving forward.

I’ll be moving in early April. I’ll take some personal items with me but will not take any of my existing furniture. My Walden Pond will be on the shores of La Jolla, ocean view rather than lake.

Zen-like simplicity in a designed interior to compliment the context of who I choose to be. A place to sleep, relax, create, and live. Waking up to a view of the ocean from bed, the only other furniture will be lounge chairs and tables. No dusting as there will be nothing collecting dust. If there are guests they will have a place to sit, chat, and enjoy the view. The design will welcome communication, and there will be no entertainment center, no staring in dumbfounded silence at a television. As it is the future, entertainment is online and interactive, perhaps a cinema display or projector — unleashed from a one-way broadcast to encourage thought.

In the meantime I still have a couch

A glass-top kitchen table

This beautiful Armoire

A bed-only futon

Large desks (perfect for letting work master you rather than mastering your work)

A comfy queen-sized bed set

And plenty of other Salvation-Army-bound household items. Life will move forward as the trappings of my past are released to become new trappings in new lives.


In one moment the sky was a lush blue; in the next a soft gray filter
changed everything. The sun would peek out only to hide once again
behind a dynamic flurry of clouds.

I love that moment where our normal sense of awareness is altered, however briefly, by nothing more than what is in front of our face. In that moment I am no longer aware of my sense of self in my environment; the perceptions of the environment changed while my sense of self did not. This disconnect happens so quickly I normally never notice, I just sort of 'snap back to reality', so to speak.

In that moment though, if we're to pay attention, we ceased being conscious (that is, not being aware of ones self in the surrounding environment); everything existed without being connected to our perception of self, an unfiltered view of reality. There is no fear, no emotion, no logic, just the world as it is. Strange how my conscious mind can spend so much time unaware of the unfiltered view of reality. Or maybe I'm just not paying close enough attention. ;)

Eat this Pineapple!

I love pineapple. It’s one of my favorite fruits. Particularly if it’s freshly cut and mixed with strawberries and kiwi. My mouth is watering just thinking about this.

Strangely though, I found that rather than enjoy my pineapple, I tended to tap people on the shoulder and tirelessly extol the virtues of this delicious treat. I mean, I know people will like it, so I figure I’m helping them by getting them to eat a pineapple.

“No” they would say, “it looks gross.”

“You’re an idiot,” I would exclaim.

Eventually most people would get around to trying the pineapple and usually like it, but never really thank me for it — especially after the unpleasant exchange and the pending “I told you so”.

I realized recently that I don’t need to knock on doors with my pineapple. I can just sit back and enjoy it. Seeing me enjoy the pineapple usually invites a friendly “hey, what’s that? You seem to really be enjoying it.”

At that point I can share my pineapple, and share the wonderful experience of eating this delicious fruit without having to find validation in getting other people to eat it.

And if no one wants to share, well, more for me!