One Moment…

… you believed you knew what you wanted. You achieved what you wanted only to find that you were still not satisfied. You simplified, looked inward, and understood that which drives you. Simplicity and a designed life were only goals you set and achieved. Achieving these goals results in the same stagnation. Your life is a series of goals towards some end, some ideal, something before death.

You yearn, again, for something different. Anything different. Your own advice and that of countless others consoles you. Do you merely set and attain goals over and over until you die? The futility of this process is… futile.

Your past can remind you of where you want to be if you get too far off course. This is where it begins. The simplicity is needed in order to build the momentum needed to achieve something larger than yourself. Your ideals guide you in action towards larger goals that shape this world. Where it begins — something big — the world at your fingertips.