Wake and Tease

I can barely move, sometimes barely see
An early morning light pierces through
Delirious slumber fades
The taste, it keeps me going
The touch of the warm cup
I clutch tightly and let the warmth in
Lesser senses, often taken for granted
Open my eyes

Inside Out

Find beauty in amazing places
Stir up the imagination
It is the wonder of impossible worlds
Beneath every possible world
That piques every curious mind
Inside and out, forward and back
It is the harmony of the real
And unreal


There are an infinite ways
To stand, to walk, to see
I often miss this simple truth
Until I stop, and let myself
Merely exist

This provides no answers
To any of life’s questions
But at that moment
All things become clear
Worries fade and I am left
With only appreciation that
I am

Blank Canvas

It starts as an illusion, a perfection of thought
An ideal for none to know

Unknowable as any hope
You were larger than life, yet existing
Only in my mind

The indelible mark of a souls existence
Is left not by serene hopes
But of the actions and reality
Of what they create

And every creation
Marks the end of the ideal
Beautiful flaws of existence

Delirious Jetlag

The world is spinning
Disoriented? No.
Everything is, at it is
We orient ourselves into illusions
Filters on the world
Mere bubbles of existence
Hiding the nature of things
In a state of delirium we often see
Unfiltered reality
I don’t know how I got here
And it doesn’t matter, it just is