Drowning, drowning, drowning forward. This place was not easy to find, and yet it was here the whole time. We let go. Who we were cannot enter, and we drown. Awake anew. See the other side; familiar and yet unlike anything we have ever seen.

We have only to let go. Completely let go.

Worldly Possessions

Simplify, simplify, simplify…

Less is more, and this is everything I own. I went from a 55L duffel to a sturdy wheeled backpack and a simple laptop backpack that carries my laptop, wacom, camera, kindle, water purifier, sandals, and various other necessities.


I’d be interested in an even simpler approach, if possible to ditch the clothes and toiletries and always acquire new ones as I travel. At a certain pace I think this could be sustainable.

My Unexpected Love Affair

Spicy ramen, you melt in my mouth, I love you. I have traveled far and wide and never have I found one such as you.

Looking at you, no one can tell where you are from. It matters not, as you are exactly who you are. You have been shaped by both east and west, the best of the world is in you and I share the joy of your company every moment we are together. It is a love like no other, undefinable and life affirming. Through you I know bliss and in that bliss I understand the nature of love: loving you is loving me is loving everything.

I will miss you ramen, until we meet again, I love you.

Art in Form

Look at the blank canvas, every edge and surface
Discover the image that is yearning to be found

Shape the world, release the life yearning to be found

* Wisteria and Pines by Bamboo Fence, Edo Period, Japan