This Real World, This Actual World

I was once a dreamer.

Wake up, they said, to the real world.

This real world, this actual world, have you discovered it?

Wherever I looked– the academic, the artist, the banker, the politician, the hipster, the mechanic, the soldier, the revolutionary– all with the same striving suffering, each with their own sense of status and importance. All with opinions, beliefs, and ideologies — wake up to the real world, they said.

This real world, this actual world, this earth spinning freely through space — trapped to that radiant star — this actual world, does it care about your status, belief, or ideology? Or is life indifferent to every opinion and belief?

Whether you submit or rebel, it is always to an idea that exists exclusively in your mind, is that not also a fantasy — is that not a dream?

This real world, this actual world, is completely independent of your wants, fears, and sufferings.

Yet you, and only you, are dependent on judgments and ideologies — dependent on your idea of status and importance. You are an illusion within an illusion, all the while there is a real world, an actual world — free of suffering and bounding in endless bliss — this real world, this actual world, is in front of your face in each and every moment. It is there, independent of you, and you may discover it or you may continue to dream.

Slow down. Stop.

Slow down.


Stop completely.

There is this moment, and only this moment

The purpose of life, everything, is found in this one moment

The miraculous culmination of everything that is– all that is, is now.

This beautiful benediction, tingling existential joy from fingertips to toes

Forget this notion of ‘you’, there is only this process of life
The peculiar perceptual bias of self can be discarded moment-to-moment

You are free, as Life is free