All Things as They Are

Life is; I believe; fundamentally, simple.

All things are exactly as they are; unchanging in this moment, and continuously changing in the next moments. Everything in this moment is the culmination and product of all that came before. Change in the next moment is inevitable.

Have you watched your desires as they change from moment-to-moment? Can you capture a desire and follow it from moment-to-moment? Try it.

A simple experiment: Think of what you desire most; the craving which you have been spending most of your time thinking about recently. Whatever it may be, material or intangible. As it’s been in your thoughts it likely has a name, if not, give this desire a name.

Perhaps this desire fits to some ideal for yourself, perhaps it makes you a smarter or more interesting person, or produces happiness or contented freedom. Maybe it’s a desire for world peace, or maybe for a new car — whatever this desire is, look at it openly without any judgment. Imagine how it looks and how it feels.

Now look around. Right in front of your face, see the world in this moment, now. See how this world is absent the desire you just named; if you wished for a new car, see that it is not there — if you desired peace, see the violence in yourself and all around you — see all things around you that produced this desire. See the unchanging reality of this exact moment. Without judging or naming just simply observe this moment exactly as it is.

Your desire may seem separate from this world– Yet is it separate?

Is not this desire part of this world in this moment? Is this desire yours to possess, or is it just a reaction, as a hungry man craves food?

This desire, born of thought, is fundamentally connected with the world as it is. In fact, is there any difference between the ‘you’ who is desiring, and the thing desired? Are these not both the same thought (the ‘you’ desiring and the ‘thing’ desired)?

This thought, this desire, is the very reaction to the world as it actually exists.

Can you be fully aware of the world as it exists, such that desires are seen in their rightful context?

Aware of what you are doing, aware of the movement of life in each breath– What happens?

Gratitude and bliss, loving kindness to all things seems to be the emergent reaction when a mind is fully aware of what it is doing. But forget I said that, find out for yourself what happens.

To really be so aware (not just in theory but to do so actually), you cannot suppress judgment or violence or ideology, just simply let it be and see past it, see the mental concoctions that produce those actions and thoughts — aware, simply aware, and see what happens.

With such awareness, aware of things as they actually are, we are free to live without any constraints of ideology or thoughtless-desire. You are doing what you are doing, exactly as you do it — where you go is the reaction of now, be aware; mindfully aware; and see the actions flow from the insight of awareness, not the limits and anxieties of impermanent desire and ideology.

And now without all the imagined complexities of life, when one is free to see things as they are, beyond the limits of ideologies and beliefs– then in that moment, life is truly and fundamentally simple.