Moment-to-Moment by timwarnock

Can we shift our consciousness such that thinking occurs through moment-to-moment awareness of the world rather than through a remembered self?

A remembered self is a narrative, it is any of the stories the mind constructs about who we are, what we ought to be doing, how important we are, etc.

And yet memories are malleable and function only by association, that is, they are triggered by either thinking or by sensory contact. You can shape your memories as easily as you change your clothes.

Everything in memory can be (and is) arbitrarily framed and filtered to the mood, temperament, and conditioning of the mind. The continuous flow of thoughts from memory are concocted and evoke conditioned reactions such as judgments, moral intuition, etc. These judgments are independent from reality and depend only on the concocted perception.

No wonder we spend so much time with anxieties, regret, and divisive beliefs grounded in nothing but perceptions (be it racism, politics, or religious differences).

This is not a defensible position for any thinking or decision making strategy.

Understand, memory is memory, it is flawed and episodic; reasoning from memory is an error prone approach to thinking.

In the biases of a remembered self, we lose much, and gain only needless suffering.

We suffer when the mind is not fully engaged in the moment; when a remembered self is striving to engage, to “be present”, it cannot, it suffers; when the remembered self is striving to happiness, it suffers, it suffers because memories and thoughts can never engage in the unknown, they can never experience bliss.

Rather than thinking from a remembered self, we can think from awareness of the world as it exists; i.e., we can think from the experience of what is actually happening, the experiencing self.

The experiencing self perceives the immediacy of what is happening, right now.

Our mind automatically seeks coherence and consistency in its thinking, hence with awareness of the world as it actually exists the more likely that coherence seeking thinking will model the actual world; at best awareness leads to sustainable bliss in each moment, at worst it produces more intelligent decision making and more effective strategies towards any perceived goal or desire.

This can serve as the basis of actual science, actual art, actual learning, actual creativity, actual everything! Thinking solely from the experiencing self ceases the silly suffering of the remembered self.

We spend much time on these two selves. Truth is, there are not two selves, there is only a single process of thought.

Is it possible to think differently and free ourselves from the silly attachments to a remembered self?

In other words, if your mind can think differently, to cease the concoction of memories that lead to suffering, and instead engage fully into life with blissful awareness, then why not do it?

Can you discover life anew in each moment?

Can you discover yourself continuously as you discover the world around you?

This actual world, free of the delusions of a remembered self, abounds in such infinite opportunity that bliss is a natural and wonderful reaction to the world as it truly exists.