HavanaHavana, Cuba — Quiet, peaceful, and relaxing; there is a gentle ocean-air breeze– fawning playful nymphs dancing with the wind and water.

Island culture– there is so much potential in every smile and every laugh.

There is no perfect society, no perfect system, but perhaps there is the best in this moment.

If you struggle today hoping for a better tomorrow, have you not merely sown the seeds for tomorrows struggle?

We create the next moment continuously from the seeds of the present moment. The more I live, the more I travel, the more I realize that conflict produces only more conflict.

Often a conflict ends from the exhaustion of one side or another, usually both, then you have no peace– just exhaustion.

While there is no perfect society, there is a perfection in each moment; not yesterday, not tomorrow, but now — simply to make the best of the moment. In every moment there exists the divine; the actuality of the moment — it cannot exist anywhere else.

Engage with profound awareness in the world around you; recognize that you are this moment, the perception of the world as separate from you is an illusion — for who is perceiving? It is simply the universe reacting to itself, in only an abstract sense are you a component of that reaction.

The tree, the bushes, the wind upon your cheek, the lover lost in thought; all things you perceive are you — most literally abstractions in your head, and most profoundly all part of the motion of the universe, which if you like, is easily abstracted as “you”.

This is true of everything, there is no non-arbitrary division or separation between you as the perceiver and you as the thing perceived.

The perfect system, the ideal utopian civilization is easily understood with this awareness — do not be surprised if utopia is nothing but a euphoric calm, or a loving kindness, or a profound and simple freedom from suffering.
Any change may be possible, yet only without suffering can we attain growth and prosperity. Otherwise we are simply repeating our suffering: the same tired conflicts and divisiveness, the same endless revolution after revolution.