infinite potential

breaking down the doors of perception
the dizzying distractions and running thoughts
all melt effortlessly away

without the doubts and fears
you look out and see nothing the same

you see only the world as it is
simple awareness with no filters
endless appreciation for the
vast beauty in all things

it is calm, serene
with infinite potential

Life Drawing

Your back aches hunched over the sketchpad
Hands scribble furiously as
Lines slowly take shape

Outlines emerge in primordial form
Details are sparse and slowly the
Lines tighten in all perspectives

Frantically trying to capture the important
Just the right curve, the right pucker
The details can wait

Maybe a little slimmer, a little fatter
Beauty begins to shine as the artist
Injects a style all their own

And then


* Photo taken at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School

I miss the sun

There’s a touch of romance in a dark dreary sky
We curl up in warmth, waiting for the rain to stop
Our bodies in need, we hibernate
We have little to distract us
From this majesty of nature

Finding Beauty

In the bustling blur of coffee and work
Running hitherto from place to place
Life’s gentle reminder of beauty in everyday places

Was it random?
Or did an unknown artist seek tirelessly
To prepare the small aesthetic decor
That makes your dizzying life
A little more beautiful?

Late at Night

In the late of night I step outside
A brisk chill in the air

My eyes adjust to pitch black
Empty and unknown in the cold

The wind whispers as if teasing
Behind the darkness is mystery

And for but a second the whispering winds
Part the formless blurry clouds

A faint glow emerges from above
Surreal light from the moon-lit sky

For the briefest moments the darkness dimmed
And an endless sea glimmered in this enchanted night

The soft winds danced with the crashing waves
And as soon as it began, it ended

The light dimmed and the pitch black returned
A comforting and beautiful unknown

Kimono as Art

An amazing display at the San Diego Museum of Art, Itchiku Kubota’s (1917–2003) Symphony of Light — a series of Kimono’s spanning decades of work that depicts the changing seasons. Each piece was rich with color and detail, and the entire collection creates a breathtaking panoramic. I loved this as there was an entirely different world of detail depending on where you were standing

If you happen to be near the San Diego Museum of Art I would highly recommend viewing this exhibit. It is open until January 4th 2009

It Begins

Something new
Something different

An emergence begins
Fluid forms mingle
Personas take shape

It is not good or bad
Only new
Awaiting creation


I wonder if
The various stresses and ills
Are all signs telling to

And figure out
In the coming and going
Are you suppose to be