North Shore Kauai

If you’re ever in Kauai, get as far away from paved roads as you can. It seems like every dirt road makes its way to an amazing beach. My desire for hiking has been betrayed by my desire to lounge in the water.

Nearly everywhere you go is the perfect hideaway to just relax and get away. Not a worry in the world; just soft sand, cool air, and a warm sun that makes you want to melt away.

And yet there is a bizarre sensation that it is unreal. The confines of a beautiful oasis constantly distracting. An amazing facade drawing you into a quasi-fulfilled state of happiness. The human spirit, I suspect, needs a little chaos to truly flourish. I wonder if that volcano will ever be active again?


As I was wandering (as I often wander), my attention was caught by this kitschy corner store. From the outside it appeared as an overflow of strange glowing baubles.

They were simple ceramics, compartmentalized in a series of shelves. Organized not by size, function or material, but only by color.

Strip the filters of our perceptions and these objects sing and radiate the very essence of Platonic Being. They are as equally organized as they are in chaos.

The unknowing artist of this display evokes meaning in his or her creation, and reminds me that by our every action we are all unknowing artists — shaping the perceived order and chaos of our existence.